‘Human Beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished’

Dan Gilbert [TED2014]

Do You have what it takes to EduceToday?

In order to climb moutains, we must train in the hills. When we focus only on the summit of the higest peak (the destinaton ahead of the journey) failure to ascend can result in thoughts of missing out on the view, frustration, resentment of the clouds, increased longing for ideal conditions and even secrecy to admit the struggle. Left unchecked, these thoughts and feelings can become a source of self-doubt, insecurity, anxieties. Practising achievable goal setting  enables reward, reflection and cumulative growth. Taking smaller, regular and cumulative steps to success allows a guide, your mentor, the time to lead the way and show you the view. 

When we can not see the rewards on our journey, self-doubt, even loss of identity, may lead to a loss of voice, of expression and the acknowledgement of who we truly are now and have the potential to be. It is never too late to discover what we are capable of achieving or to allow ourselves ambitious dreams.  It is always more fun when we get to choose the mountain. 

EduceToday. Let Today’s struggle be Tomorrow’s passion.

Seeking Fulfilment is like climbing a mountain.

Inability to express a realistic opinion of our own life’s journey, of how far we have progressed, may result in overwhelm, a sense of weariness and even physical fatigue and pain.

Isolation, a sense of lost  or ‘stuck’ happens when we:

–   lack clear direction, a path

– are unable to decide on which path to choose to lead us forward. 

Often we think, but we do not ‘do’. We mistake the outcome (none) for our own inadequacy when in reality we need to admit the need for help and allocate appropriate time, energy and focus to the task in hand.

Top Tips when aiming high.

1. Set clear intentions.
2. Ask for support from a mentor,  one who has walked ahead
3. Plan your activity
4. Define your desired outcome(s)
5. Reflect at each stage
6. Gather the necessary resources
7. Keep reflecting and let someone be there for you as you as you take the bigger leaps.
8. Celebrate the wins along the way.

Knowing what to do isn’t enough. When we action our plans and are confident in holding ourselves accountable for the outcome, this is when the adventure begins.


“Ask yourself powerful and timely questions and you will shape your life from the moment you speak to yourself honestly”

Sarah Paterson, EduceToday


“Every great change is preceded by chaos”  Deepak Chopra

Lessons I have learned from life:

  • 5 To harness chaos, to weather adversity, to see opportunity in place of ‘stuck’.
  • 5To pay forward life’s lessons.
  • 5Only when we are able to recognise our untapped talents, do we truly know ourselves.
  • 5Teach any human to ask the right qustions and their latent, true potential will be revealed.
  • 5Change is inevitable, how we manage it is the important thing.

Life need not be overwhelming if, we embrace the chaos.

My pivotal moments of transformation were not voluntary, they were enforced.

Widowed in 2014,  I became a lone parent and my business focussed, veterinary surgeon’s career path vanished.  The emotionally demanding and physically challenging, rewarding hours invested in a lifetime’s vocational work and post graduate studies  (MBA Open) seemed to be at an end.   

It took some time to fathom grief and as long, the logistics of this new life and a global pandemic. 

In March of 2020 I was hit with three redundancies, no career, no income. 

The logistics?  I contracted a personal coach and took stock. Had I done so earlier I might have mastered some of the logistics sooner.  

I followed my heart and rediscovered my passion for matters of the mind. I study and train extensively  with the best in their respective fields. I learned how others had righted their worlds in the face of adversity

Here’s what I realised, my solutions to chaos and,

they work just as well for everyday life too!

Overcome the Overwhelm:

  • 5Reflect daily
  • 5Accept that emotions will always win over the logical arguments in your head
  • 5Remember that our feelings are driven by our thoughts.
  • 5Be kind to yourself – self care is not selfish

Understand: “There’s only one person you’re guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with… yourself.” Bill Murray

  • 5Discover Your unique, authentic self. Ask the right, powerful questions
  • 5Reclaim your identity I am not just me, I am Me – and you are You!
  • 5Discover Your purpose

I found my Purpose: 

To model the skills necessary to survive adversity – to Overcome the Overwhelm  

To teach others to plan for contingency and in doing so to find fulfilment and their passion for life.

Mentees at EduceToday learn to:

  • 5Look within for the answers to life’s troubles.
  • 5Consolidate and harness their skills and capabilities
  • 5Live a life of authenticity and purpose
  • 5Educe to look within, to combine intuition with logical, academic learning enjoy a fulfilling life of authenticity granted by meeting human needs and true to core values.
EduceToday. Survive adversity, live Your new life.