Why are habits so important?

QUESTION your Today:

What is something that could bring you joy, every single day of the rest of your life?

What could prepare you for tomorrow, no matter what tomorrow brings?

ANSWER in the moment:

Simply, a good habit.

Replace one bad habit a day with a good one and your life will become more positive, you will find renewed focus and gaining  clarity for your future will become easier.

WHY bother?

Because good habits are life’s free rewards

Self-care is not selfish, and neither is a good habit.

PLAN your Tomorrow:

Automated behavior is triggered by a cue – we see an undone shoelace, we tie it, without thinking. We prevent ourselves from tripping.

We drink another glass of alcohol, we are thirsty and tired, and we know that a glass of water will have a better effect on our physiology and our mindset. We seek joy:

“I need that glass of wine because I have had a stressful day, tomorrow I will walk it off”

Yet the trigger and therefore the habit is in the “I see an open bottle of wine – I must finish it.”

If you were to place a jug of cold water, juice or a smoothie – might that give you more energy, a feeling of self-care and a positive reminder that despite a stressful day you are still taking care of yourself?

How is numbing the day and hoping it will be better next day going to set you up for a healthier tomorrow?

Do you enjoy that glass of wine more with friends over dinner or with crisps and the TV?

Automatic behaviour, leads to routine, leads to reward and we repeat, we remember without thinking to do it again. Just like brushing your teeth.

What is the reward of feeling hungover?

What is the reward from rehydrating and walking around the block to burn off the calorie equivalent of the wine?

Are You ready to break a bad habit and reset yourself by choosing a good one?

  1. Find the thing you would love to do every day which takes less than 30 minutes and more than two.
  2. Write this down, now.
  3. Plan to fail to do this – in every possible way. Don’t trip up because you failed to untie your laces in rushing for the glass of wine!
  4. Create the environment in which to succeed. e.g., Pop a jug of water in the fridge, place your favourite ‘to read’ book on your pillow. Now. Hide the bottle opener.
  5. Check that this is Your joy, that you are doing this for You.
  6. Small, compounded steps over time will see you automatically reaching for a healthy drink when you get in, from even the hardest of days.
  7. Accountability – find a reliable mentor who can help you to stay focused over a period of a minimum of 66 days.
  8. Start small, forgive the missed steps and do not take leaps to compensate. Be honest about the setbacks and revisit point 3.
  9. Be kind to yourself.

Celebrate the wins –  no wine and no water, instead a cuppa, are better than a bottle of wine. A glass of water and a glass of wine is better than no water.  Time is your friend and you are training your subconscious mind to enable acts of goodwill.   Say out loud “I can, I will, I did do something today to love my tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will do something more to make a  more positive and healthier future for myself and others ”. Our own applause is unlimited and available 24/7. Listen to your own cheers and applause!