What happens when you run out of ideas and you need to change your daily career routine? 

The hardest part of being stuck is not knowing what it is like to be ‘unstuck’. Without an understanding of what specifically we want from life, it is almost impossible to plan ahead and out of the ‘same old thinking’. 

“How will I know if I am any good at anything other than what I currently am doing my best at?”  

Are you enjoying your current life? It is easier to do what we love well than that which we do not. 

List all your skills and capabilities – even the ones you are not paid for – and especially the ones that you find that you could do all day, every day. 

Start by asking yourself if there is anything on that list you would love to experience, find out more about or to meet with others to  discuss the same, shared interests. 

List all the available resources you have associated with your passions. Books, podcasts,Social Media groups, experiences, connections.  

What’s next?

What knowledge and skills can you transfer from your passion to your day to day life? How can you incorporate your passion into your relaxation time?

Start the process.

Focus your attention on researching ways to spend more time doing what you love.  Note the feelings that come from this. The energy spent dreaming and actioning your plans is recharged by the rewards of the outcome.

Begin to aim higher.

As your creativity and enthusiasm grow – your intentions will become clearer.

Instead of being focussed on the one outcome e.g.  “I need a new job or I will burn out” you can enjoy the process of looking  for the opportunities that will best suit your needs and  recharge your energy as you do so.

Managing each small step in the process of looking for change enables focus on one task at a time, reassurance that we are achieving  as we search for new outcomes and evidence that we are closer to reaching our ultimate outcome. 

What if I lose track?

  1. Journal, brainstorm and record any recurrent themes. Deadwood any ideas which are redundant but do not erase them, cross them out so you gain confidence in your decision making. 
  2. Find someone who has done it before
  3. Engage someone to hold you accountable
  4. Be true to your core values.
  5. Go back to the feelings associated with the pleasure of the passions in your life.