lead the life You mean to live.

EduceToday will set you on Your path to Your fulfilment, whatever your career and life stage. 

  • Overcome the Overwhelm
  • Recognise the learning potential afforded by adversity
  • Get ‘Unstuck’
  • Reset your curiosity
  • Ignite the passion for Your future
  • Be authentic
  • Recognise opportunities that you never even know existed.
  • Plan today for tomorrow
  • Reach Your true potential
  • Achieve Your dreams.
  • Reward Your success.
EduceToday specialises in working with Veterinary and Primary Health Care professionals.
All Transformational Life and Business Mentoring at EduceToday is
Sessions are as unique as the individual’s needs.

Guided, content free sessions are available, on request. If something
of a personal nature is troubling you, support and help are still at

Book your Free of Fee of 30 minute Discovery Call here, determine where you are now. Take control of  your career and Your life.
Three month mentoring programs.
Each key stage of life and career catered for.

Mastery of self. Go within or go without, know yourself inside out.

  • Discover the passion for your existing role.
  • Begin a new adventure from a blank page.
  • Eliminate procrastination

What now? Considering change or already made the decision to diversify?

  • Surviving adversity
  • Overcoming overwhelm
  • Planning for Your future from today.

Staying, upskilling? Understanding self to master leadership.

  • Knowing where you fit in
  • Communication, Business, Teams and Life mentoring.
  • Recognising strengths and acknowledging weaknesses In order to develop and support them
Five Hour Focus. Consolidate and launch.  
Recalibrate Your life and be prepared for Tomorrow from Today.
[Option to upgrade to the full mentoring program at the end of the course.]


Consolidate your life:

  • Reclaim your identity
  • Manage adversity
  • Know your superpowers
  • Follow your intuition

Overcome the overwhelm:

  • Don’t let anxiety stand in your way
  • Breathing and calming techniques for immediate respite from the pressures of Your day

Find your energy and Your spark:

  • Rediscover what it was that brought you past success and reignite the passion for Your life

Communicate your passion:

  • Meet your team – communicating with colleagues and awkward clients- face to face
  • Rallying support from those around you

Starting from a blank page:

  • Create something from nothing – where do new ideas spring from?
Get Into Flow – discover who you are.
Communicate your aims and your passions so that others hear and support You.

Talent Flow Profile & 1 Hour Analysis Call: 

Wealth and Talent Dynamics psychometric test.
Being able to hear our own unique selves above the noise of information and identities we are bombarded with each day is difficult. Yet our success comes when we strike a chord within ourselves – when we love what we do and do what we love.

“The emotional brain responds to an event more quickly than the thinking brain.”

Daniel Goleman

– for Relaxation
– for Outcome

[Subject to Discovery Call].

Harness your energy and clear any blocks to Flow.

All sessions bespoke.

Please refer to the FAQs for further details.


EduceToday to love Your tomorrow