1. Please see the notes below regarding medical conditions and declaration of any current medication.   
  2. Confidentiality lies within our relationship and within my relationship with my supervisor(s). I will discuss any breach of this confidentiality with you in the first instance, except terrorist action or unless I believe you’re in danger of yourself in danger to yourself or others and unable to negotiate with me.  
  3. If I see you somewhere outside of our sessions, to ensure your confidentiality, I will not approach you or act as if I know you, however if you acknowledge me then I will acknowledge you. Although a therapeutic relationship is friendly, it is not the same as friendship so in order to maintain our therapeutic space as the confidential and safe experience that you deserve, I avoid any kind of dual relationship with current and former clients. 
  4. I may keep short digital notes from our sessions. Should notes be made they are kept confidential and stored in a safe secure place.  
  5. Memory recovery. On occasion, therapy involves the experience of seeming to remember a past event it should be noted that any information remembered in this way has as much chance of being false as it does being based on an actual event, we will keep this kind of work to an absolute minimum. 
  6. Cancellation and late attendance- please give me as much notice as possible for the cancellation. For cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice full fee may still be payable. If you are late for your appointment, we will still need to finish by the allotted time. If you arrive for treatment under the influence of mind-altering drugs or alcohol, the session will be suspended, the full fee charged. Further sessions will be at my discretion.  
  7. If I think you would benefit from being referred to another therapist or specialist, we will agree to make the referral as soon as possible.  
  8. I reserve the right to cancel therapy at any time and to refuse clients at the point of discovery call or at any subsequent time, at my own discretion.  
  9. I will discuss the major points of an agreement with you before sessions commence to ensure that you are happy with the terms of work that is to be carried out.  
  10. We will discuss the number of agreed sessions to be undertaken and set an agreed schedule and desired outcome at the ending of the course/ sessions.  
  11.  We will regularly review your progress. It is to be acknowledged that the client may feel temporarily worse, before they feel better.  
  12.  Consent.   The detail of methods used will not be disclosed but you will be asked to participate in meaningful conversation, to state whether you wish to work content free and in the event NLP and / or hypnotherapy is chosen to be the best course of action for you, you will be asked beforehand whether you are willing to have a hypnotic experience.   
  13. Subject to discovery call, I will commit to you an agreed number of sessions. With the exception of unforeseen, extenuating circumstances this contract will be upheld by myself. You are not contracted to any specific number of sessions, you may terminate the therapy without further cost at any time you wish.  
  14. Clients must be eighteen years of age or over (unless with parental consent).     
  15. Session duration will be stipulated and is variable, according to need and methods chosen. I reserve the right to amend that time for therapeutic reasons.  
  16.  In general, if you fail to give 24 hours’ notice of your intention to cancel or postpone an agreed therapy session or if there’s a repeat pattern of cancellations, I reserve the right to charge in full for that session.  
  17.  Both myself and the client are granted one date alteration in addition to any exceptions to a weekly schedule, as set from the time of booking. Clients are allowed an additional week’s grace should they wish to think further on the findings of a session.    
  18.  Costs of sessions will be given before each session/ course and payment will be made in Pounds Stirling before sessions via bank transfer as per invoice. On receipt of payment a Zoom link will be sent with receipt of payment.  
  19. Any further discounts and package deals will be negotiated on a one-to-one basis.  
  20. EduceToday reserves the right to continue to undertake pro bono work in the interests of charity and training opportunities.  
  21. The cost of Mentoring sessions includes any written materials I may supply but excludes the cost of any books that I might suggest you read.  
  22. As part of my code of practise I’m required to carry out continuing professional development and to engage in regular ongoing supervision.  To ensure an ethical and professional service to clients, I may discuss your case in supervision but would not use any identifying details.  
  23. The session will not be recorded unless specifically requested or suggested.    
  24. Confidentiality will be maintained within the codes of ethics and legal requirements. Confidentiality does not apply where it would mean that I, as your therapist, might break the law. Where withholding information means that I would breach the codes of ethics, confidentiality may be breached. If I consider that there is a risk that you may harm yourself or others, in such exceptional circumstances where there is concern for your well-being or that of others it may be necessary to seek help outside the therapeutic relationship. In such an event, where I’m considering breaching confidentiality you would normally be consulted first.   
  25. In the case of disclosure concerning acts of terrorism, vulnerable adult or child protection issues or drug trafficking, confidentiality will be breached, and such disclosures will be passed onto the relevant authority without delay.  
  26. Due consideration should be exercised before disclosing anything of a previously unreported criminal nature as I am obligated to contact relevant authorities.  
  27. A therapeutic relationship will always remain a professional one the boundaries of which (such as contract outside of our sessions) can be agreed between us during our sessions.  
  28. Notes may be taken during and after each session which will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. I will discuss the disposal retention or otherwise of any such notes at the end of our engagement. They are disclosed to no one other than the supervisor unless required under a court of law subpoena. You have the right to inspect your records should you so wish, during a therapy session. 
  29. If agreed payments for therapy are not being paid then I reserve the right to terminate therapy. 
  30. Therapy and Mentoring can at times be demanding, frustrating and emotional. You may at times find this process very difficult and feel the need to end therapy. Your feedback on the process will be asked for at the end of each session and, if you feel unhappy with any aspects of the treatment being offered, please do try and communicate this verbally. This gives us both a chance to address and resolve engagement issues, In the normal course of events, you will probably know when you’re ready to finish therapy/ mentoring and we will agree together on the work we need to do to prepare for this.  
  31. I will not suddenly or without warning terminate our contract, except in exceptional circumstances – which would become clear in the course of our work together. This would be fully discussed at the time  
  32. Please note any threats or acts of violence will invalidate any agreement(s) we may have, and therapy/ mentoring will cease. Sessions will not take place if you arrive under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed medication. 
  33. As above,  you will be notified of any Holidays to be taken by myself well in advance however there may be occasions when sessions may be cancelled because of illness or because of attending training sessions or meetings I will try to give you as much notice as possible of any cancellation and will offer alternative time therefore please notify any change in contract details in contact details  
  34. If you have been referred by an outside agency for instance for example a solicitor or insurance company and there is a pending civil court case (for example if you’ve been involved in a road accident) I draw your attention to the fact that under the Data Protection Act 1988 I may be obliged to supply copies of our therapy records to requesting appropriate party providing you consent.  
  35. In the event of you being unhappy with the service you receive please discuss this with me or write to sarahpaterson@educetoday.co.uk. If you feel unable to do so, or do not receive satisfactory resolution then I will refer you to for an appropriate second opinion, to Trading Standards.  

The fundamental principles of the ethics at EduceToday:  

  1. Working towards the good of clients and doing no harm  
  2. Being trustworthy and responsible.  
  3. Respecting the dignity and the rights of the client. Clients have the right to self-determination and to be shown dignity and respect for making their own lawful decisions. 
  4. Respect for diversity of persons without prejudice to colour, race, belief, gender, social context and mental and physical abilities. Practitioners take precautions to provide a service which is not restricted by their own prejudice and limitations of experience. I practice with integrity and self-responsibility. 
  5. I endeavour to be as honest, truthful and accurate as possible.  I will not commit to a practise without being aware of my own personal health and well-being and will let you, the client know if anything changes. 

Hypnotherapy and NLP and Transformational Life Mentoring. Contraindications and medical precautions.  

I cannot work with you if you have a diagnosis of psychosis, schizophrenia, pathological personality disorder, senility. I may be able to work with you if you have epilepsy, narcolepsy, depression, asthma or heart condition but will require your doctor’s approval. Please see below for guidelines*.     

For most people hypnotherapy is a pleasant, gentle and extremely safe experience, however your safety is my number one concern and there are occasions where hypnosis would be contraindicated, that means there may be a risk if you have any medical condition. Where nexessary I will ask you to please ask your doctor to give their approval before confirming your booking with me.  

Medical conditions/ symptoms to disclose if asked to before a session or during a discovery call: 

Eye pain/ strain, glaucoma.  

Difficulty with joints/ arthritis/ capsulitis (frozen shoulder).  

Difficulties with muscle relaxation 

Any known fears or phobias of height. 

Uncontrolled neurosis, psychosis, pathological personality disorders – including schizophrenia, bipolar, substance induced psychosis, epilepsy, narcolepsy.

Severe heart disorders, comprehension difficulties.  

Consideration should be given to pregnancy (especially the first 12 weeks), all breathing difficulties, persistent headaches, persistent pain, irritable bowel syndrome.  

Depression, hyper/ hypo tension, diabetes, asthma, alcohol and drug misuse. Parkinson’s, stroke 

Suicidal ideations.   

Medicationsplease declare all, in relation to the above.    

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