“Never be afraid to ask, to talk
Never be too busy to listen”

Sarah Paterson

Sarah embarked with me on a self-discovery journey and helped me navigate through so many stormy feelings and doubts. She has a special way of making you feel at ease and putting a smile on your face. It is so easy to talk to her and share things with her. Sarah truly cares and listens to you. She always has kind words to say and has shown me that asking for help is never something to be scared or ashamed of.

A valuable lesson is reaching a better understanding of myself, which has had a big and positive impact on my self esteem and productivity both at home and at work…What’s been most valuable to me is learning how to work towards life goals rather than simply work…

I first met Sarah a few months ago, and I’m so thankful I did. At the time, I was feeling lost and overwhelmed, and wasn’t sure how to find my way. I shared my story and asked for help, not really knowing exactly what I was looking for. Then, Sarah reached out to me. I was hesitant at first, but now I can wholeheartedly say that meeting her and having her a mentor was one of the best things that happened to me during this 2020 pandemic.

Sarah will not give you a “quick-fix” or answer your questions for you, but she will give you the tools to help you look deep inside yourself and figure out what it is that you are looking for. “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” I am definitely still a work in progress, but what I have learned so far is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life

I felt very much that Sarah was on this journey with me…was compassionate and non-judgemental, I felt very much that we were working together…

“Having left a job just before the first lockdown, I was somewhat confused and anxious as to what my next steps in my career would be. Thankfully, I met Sarah just at the right time and she has been a great source of help and advice. She has gently and patiently helped me explore ideas (even my more outlandish ones!) and provided a sounding board to enable me to define what my needs, wants and ideals are moving forward. I found it was my first instinct to blame myself for any problems or disappointments that came my way, but Sarah encouraged me to change my perspective and indeed consider potential opportunities uncovered following the “bumps in the road”.

I had never really considered mentoring or coaching for either my career or for personal development, but I found Sarah’s input to be invaluable. I may not have “arrived” at the end goal (if there is such a thing), but I have a much more positive outlook and less anxiety about what the future holds, and I have realised that I have the power to effect change… and we’re still working on it together.

Thank you, Sarah!”

Would highly recommend booking a call with Sarah. Within a short space of time, she helped me refocus, get clear on what was literally “sucking” my time, and devised solutions alongside me that helped me restructure my day/week to effectively get the most out of it. She also helped me to understand how I operate within mine or other teams and the best type of people to have on my own team to truly maximize and compliment both my potential and theirs. Truly fascinating stuff.

Mentoring has enabled me to become so much more productive. I always thought that I was time poor but Sarah helped me to see that I was instead using time badly…

I first contacted Sarah to gain virtual veterinary work experience for my university application. I was at the start of my veterinary career journey and she was at the start of branching off from her veterinary career to set up EduceToday. I approached EduceToday to help me improve my application, but I have gained so much more from our sessions than just that. Her mentoring has not only helped me to focus my journey, but has also taught me the value of reflection and inspired me to develop my networking skills. Sarah is approachable, supportive and encouraging of personal growth. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah for her invaluable services

“ I had become desperate to seek pain relief…Sarah reached out and gave me the opportunity to talk through my pain. She talked me through…There were tears… and laughter.  I was able to go to bed with a clear mind… Each area in my life that I was struggling with has been less chaotic….

Sarah has shown me how to cope with life’s uncertainties…. Staying focused on the [positive] steps… A restful sleep with no recurring nightmares. I no longer feel the need to run and escape life. I have been given the skills to face life full on but to take it day by day.

There  is no need to face this by yourself. Although I know my family and friends are there for me Sarah has given me a different perspective on how to move forward.

Thank you so much Sarah for your Life Coaching and talking Hypnotherapy.